Friday, May 19, 2017

Epicurus snow

Back when i used to cross-hatched over my brush lines with white paint.


Anonymous said...

Great picture!

juvinwo said...

So cool! Loved that style!

Minh Quân said...

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Jonathan Carroll said...

I have to say something to you. You are actually my favorite writer, your stories have a depth and insight that is all wrapped up in a weird package, most writers don't have it. To be honest your stories got me through some of the most difficult times in my life even the ones when I wanted it to end. I've always wanted to thank you for it and to tell you to keep going because if their is a book with your name on it I will always pick it up, especially if your the writer. My first comic was Maxx issue 5 and 6 I still have them in my collection and one day hope to have you sign them and to thank you in person.
My apologies for the improper use of commas my punctuation skills aren't that great.