Sunday, May 21, 2017

Rejected Hellboy

Here's a drawing i scanned for a charity, but i didn't really like - so i destroyed it. 

So why bother to post it here?

Mainly because, however embarrassed i am by my "bad drawings", they sometimes leads to "not-so-bad-drawings".

And on a good day, my artistic screw ups become mulch and compost for ...

something else.   


Case Lopez said...

It's sad that you destroyed it. I rather like the body language you gave Big Red. But yes, I fully agree that a "bad drawing" experience can lead to something better.

Anonymous said...

Not being an artist I can only say, "Your
destroyed art looked great to me."
I love all your art, You only draw great
art to me eyes.

juvinwo said...

So cool! Never destroy your stuff! Someone would have bought it!

CAVUMscriptorium said...
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Rezwanul Mahmood said...

I would have loved to have it! Adding an art by you to my collection would be a dream come true.

Rob Chope said...

Thanks for sharing and it makes sense about bad work leading. Maybe it just was not the look you were aiming for or had in mind? Art is subjective so it is just a curiosity.

Brian Parks said...

Interesting to see this! Especially because I just came across this post on eBay:

Hellboy Cartoon Art Museum auction original art by Sam Kieth

Mainly just curious if this is the charity you're referring to and if this is legit. Either way, pretty cool rendition!