Friday, June 9, 2017

Annie, Nola & Mommy Issues.

In Ojo, Annie had her dead mom mixed up with a red eyed monster in a drain pipe.


Nola has different Mommy issues.  Nola has her mother confused with her own red eyed childhood flaws, which Nola refers to as "the Mote in her eye".

Grown up Annie meet and Nola meet in the new Nola graphic novel, to talk about pipes,  red eyed creatures, and other convoluted issues.


You know, it even strikes me sometimes . . .

. . how friggin' *weird* my stories are.


Anonymous said...

Your art and stories while maybe weird,
are most important-wonderful.
Beautifully done.

juvinwo said...

So cool. Can't wait!

milo said...

Didn't Lo from My inner Bimbo also have some Mommy issues? I guess his were more female issues, aka "the female disapproval monster"

Case Lopez said...

Loved Ojo. Weird is interesting.

kurogi Martin said...


Aaron Desira said...

I swear we think in the same vein Sam. I can understand your writing like it is a thought from my mind. Your stuff is intensely captivating. I reckon most of yr fans 'get it' with yr writing. It's more special then you realise I think